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Martina did that!!! She is fire sis!!! She does training on how to market and I've been using it. Her stuff is working and it didn’t cost anything other than the purchase of her stuff I needed to market my business that she provided.

Willie Ray Johnson, Jr.

Thank you for love and passion for what you do! Thank you for pouring ALL that into us!! It's not anything you're NOT doing - it's us. Life happens and we're trying to fit it in. My takeaway was Habakkuk 2:2 you gave us the blueprint on how to get there... We're coming!!!

Cheryl Demps

Martina, you are and have been such a great coach, inspiring, educating, and training us. I SOOO APPRECIATE you sis!!! Peace, Joy & Prosperity.

Walterella McNear

Business Card Marketing Works!   Messenger: "By the way, I had one of your business cards you made up in the grocery store and a lady pulled it down and has signed up."

Keith Tucker, #PurposedToProsper

"I've known [Martina] longer than these last few 7 weeks of coaching, but just to hone in on the time given, my level of focus has improved tremendously!!! I can't express enough gratitude on how you have given me sooooo much insight, energy, understanding, clarity, inspiration, organization and the list can go on and on. I always say that she is the sister friend I was always waiting on. And she has taught me to simply be me, in ALL my DIFFICULTY and UNIQUENESS. I Love you My Sister Friend and truly...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

Tealicia H Harbin, #HoppeOnPurpose

There are sooooo many lessons I've learned from Martina. Organization, Accountability, and consistency are the areas that I'm working on. Changing my mindset and surrounding myself with positivity are key. I have vision boards everywhere!

Caresha Rainey, #SilenceTheNoise

Where do I begin? This has been the best training I have received in ages. The hands-on training is what I needed in order to reach a new level in my current business.  I have paid for other training and I never received the results I was looking for.  I remember my mother use to say if you want something done right do it yourself. For me, Martina has shown me how to organized my email, create email and SMS signatures learned how to brand me, create new content,how to execute it and pushed me to be my best. I can't wait to learn more. She is an awesome coach!

Elva Jenkins, #AwakenWithElva