About the #BrandMaster

My name is Martina Britt Yelverton, an #AlwaysBeMarketing BrandAmbassador and #BrandMaster. My DAILY goal is to Brand You, Educate You and Help You ...LeaveALegacy!

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I am your Go2Girl for Simplified Blueprints YOU CAN ACTUALLY MANAGE YOURSELF and with my 12 year history helping Churches, Ministries, Authors, Small Business Owners, Startups, Home Based Businesses and NOW even MLM Industry Reps, Associates and IBOs! I help people who want help and I CAN HELP YOU!

When you're ready to #GetBranded, #GetFoundOnGoogle and #GetPaidDaily, regardless of your company, niche, product or service I CAN HELP YOU - I help people who want help! I am most visible on Facebook & YouTube, so ensure you reach out to me, subscribe and select the bell so you can be notified when I am live or uploading new content!

My passion is to educate, therefore equip and empower clients with the reigns to maintain the Brand of their entity effectively. Many companies will design per your request and forego the crucial step in educating you on how to "fish and feed yourself". I find it important that you know WHY a design is the way it is, and WHAT it means or represents. HOW it may be interpreted, and WHEN it is misinterpreted, why and how it could negatively affect your intent.

#IHelpPeople - I offer an initial free 15 minute consultation at: http://getbooked.martinabrittyelverton.com to each and every interested person desiring to see if its time to take your vision from thought to tangibility. I would greatly appreciate your trust in Family First! Designs and the Martina Britt Yelverton brand today!